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Kristof has a theoretical and practical background in cryptography, privacy improving technologies (PETs), and distributed ledger technology. Professionally, he devises new, innovative privacy-friendly & secure solutions, reviews proposals and advises companies. He is also a professional speaker and writer.
Years before Bitcoin, Kristof was doing scientific research at the University of Leuven on cryptographic solutions with strong privacy and security properties (e.g. confidentiality). He developed i.a. zero-knowledge proofs. Later, when working for Belgian government agencies, practical feasibility also gained importance.
Kristof is a creative, solution-oriented engineer & scientist with both feet in reality. His objectivity & thorough analysis stimulate the adoption of promissing directions & prevent wasting time & money on dead-ends. Thanks to deep roots in theory and practice, he is seen as a stable reference point, able to whitstand hype hurricanes.
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